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Substantial Change in Condition or Subsequent Alteration by Affirmative Conduct According to section PJC 70.5 of Products of Liability – Theories of Recovery, a product is not in a defective condition, thus not unreasonably dangerous when sold, if the unreasonably dangerous condition is solely caused by a substantial change or alteration of the product after […]

Purchasing a piece of real estate can be a painstaking process because of the paperwork required to finalize a deal. First time home buyers are often shocked by the amount of work and reading material that is placed in front of them. By the time negotiations are final, everyone is exhausted and ready for it […]

If you’ve suffered an injury in the Central Florida area, you may be considering receiving legal consultation from an experienced attorney. We understand the feelings of many of our clients who may not wish to consider legal action against a person or a business, but this action may be exactly what’s needed to protect not only the […]

Orlando Bankruptcy Attorneys provide legal help for those in dire financial distress. These attorneys counsel their clients, and help them file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code. In filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida, many people are forced to liquidate their assets in order to pay off debt. Attorneys can help you keep some or […]

The Orlando Divorce law firm of Roberts family Law can assist with family law matters. A divorce can be an extremely painful time in a person’s life. The attorneys at Robert & Robold are there to keep business-like, level head for you, so you can protect your assets and your rights. Roberts & Robold can also help […]

Each day, many millions of products are used by consumers assuming that they are free from defects that could harm them. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In fact, many millions of consumers are injured every year when the product they were using failed to perform in the manner for which it was manufactured. Many […]

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